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Killeen stands firm on 80 percent survival rate in city animal shelters

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The City of Killeen is in the middle of making a final budget for the 2018 fiscal year.

While many adjustments seem to be an improvement for the city, some have problems with one budget adjustment or rather a lack of adjustment.

Edward Tucker, Animal Service Manager for the City of Killeen,  says the shelter maintains dozens of animals, and while many come in, unfortunately not all of them make it out.

"Our live release rate is about 84 percent as of last month and that includes animals that have been adopted out, returned to their owners and that we have gotten into a rescue program," Tucker said.

Tucker said though having a 100 percent survival rate is a dream, it is not reality, but improvements are happening.

"Back when I started about three years ago we were right around the low 70's so we are getting better, some people may not feel that way, but it takes time," Tucker said.

Time that founder of the Killeen Pets Alive Facebook page, Jan Holladay said animals don't have. Holladay has had pets her entire life, including her current fur family of four dogs and four cats. She said to know that her local animal shelter has to put-down so many animals is heartbreaking.

"Any animal saved is an animal saved and its the morally right thing to do," Holladay said.

The city said, as of now, they will not be improving the survival rate in city animal shelters from 80 to 90 percent, a request made by many animal advocates.

Which is why members of the KPA organization are trying to get the city to change its policy and raise the survival rate to 90 percent with the goal of eventually reaching 'no-kill' status, but in the meantime, Tucker says there are ways you can help.

"Whatever you can do to help us. Encourage volunteers, encourage people to adopt and encourage other rescues to get a hold of us and say 'hey we can take your animals,'" Tucker said.

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