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Baylor releases results of survey of religion in America

(Source: Baylor University) (Source: Baylor University)

Baylor University has released the results of a new survey on religion in America.

A Baylor sociologist said Trumpism is a new form of nationalism that has emerged as a prominent pattern among Americans.

Baylor worked with the Gallup Organization and surveyed about 15,000 people across the nations shortly after the election.

Both the university and the organization define Trumpism as a new form of nationalism merging pro-Christian beliefs with Anti-Islam, Anti-Feminism, Anti-Globalists and Anti- Government attitudes. 

"The biggest surprise was that all of our religion variables predicted voting for Donald Trump. Which was something I didn't expect I thought some people would be put off by his persona, but clearly that wasn't the case " said Dr. Paul Froese a sociology professor at Baylor. 

Another aspect of the study was mental health and belief in heaven and hell. It found people who are very certain they are going to heaven are more likely to be happy and they are not likely to be depressed or anxious.

To see all the results of the survey click here:  

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