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Evacuees head home with trailer full of donations

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As more and more evacuees continue to evacuate into Central Texas, some people who rode out the storm here are ready to go back home.

Central Texas has welcomed thousands of evacuees from South Texas over the past week... and now, some are preparing to head back and starting rebuilding, but they aren't leaving empty handed. 

Donna Cowan and her family evacuated from Port Lavaca before Hurricane Harvey made landfall.

They've been staying at a hotel in Salado, but felt they needed to go back to help.

"I had too many luxuries. I had the comfort of an A/C. I had just an atmosphere that almost could've been more of a vacation than necessarily we were fleeing from disaster," Donna Cowan, a Port Lavaca evacuee, said. 
So, after speaking with family and friends in Port Lavaca, Cowan decided she would reach out to Central Texans to collect donations and supplies to bring back with her.
"I had planned on leaving yesterday, but because of the outstanding support and love from this community I delayed leaving," Cowan added. 
 So instead, they loaded up not only their two cars today... but a trailer, too because they had so much to take back with them.
"It's love in action. Not everyone can make it to these communities that are devastated, but you can give to someone that's here and allow them to take back to help their community," Cowan said. 

"We wanted to do something anyway, and this one was right down the road literally, we live in Salado so it was really easy, so we just figured we'd give it to someone who's already on their way down there," Dan Kelch said. 

They'll be distributing supplies in Port Lavaca and also sharing with their neighbors in Rockport and other surrounding cities, too.

"We would just like to thank you for all that you guys are doing... all the love and support you guys have shown," Cowan added.

Donna Cowan suggested that if Central Texans want to help other evacuees who are still here staying in hotels... bringing by a home cooked meal would be greatly appreciated.

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