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Central Texans prepare for the possibility of flooded roadways

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Harvey's biggest threat to our area is flooding and that has local emergency workers preparing for the worst.

Frank Patterson, the emergency manager for McLennan County, said drivers need to be ready for a possible downpour. 

"It doesn't matter what type of rain event it is. If it's a large rain event, it's 'turn around, don't drown,'" said Patterson. "Don't drive through water where you cannot see what's underneath it. We've seen subsidence, which is when the road disappears."  

Wendy Milliman plans on staying indoors this weekend. She's driven through flooded roads before and doesn't want to experience that again.

"It's a little scary at times because not everybody drives the same and then it's hard to see things," said Milliman. "If you don't have to go out, stay home."

Thomas Pechal, spokesperson for Temple Fire and Rescue, has seen what flooding can do to the Bell County area. He said their swift water rescue team is ready to help, but folks should use caution to keep themselves out of trouble in the first place.

"People underestimate the power of water, the sheer force that it has," said Pechal. "The fact that six inches of moving water can knock someone off their feet."

Water is buoyant and Pechal said it can turn even the most powerful vehicle into a boat.

 "It can turn the car over. The person can become trapped inside their own vehicle," said Pechal. "Water starts filling up inside the compartment of that vehicle and the person drowns."  

Pechal said even if the person escapes from their vehicle, the force of the water could be so strong that it sweeps them away with other debris.

He suggests people stay indoors or attempt to take alternate routes on the roadways this weekend.

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