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Waco father-son duo to recycle eclipse glasses

Donovon and Kenzie McNeil collecting used eclipse glasses. Donovon and Kenzie McNeil collecting used eclipse glasses.

People everywhere rushed to get their pair of eclipse safety glasses to watch The Great American Eclipse. But now that it's over, what's there to do with them?

Boy scout Kenzie McNeil and his father, assistant scout master Donovon McNeil plan to recycle those glasses for the next group of people that get to experience an eclipse. The two are leading an effort to collect all the eclipse glasses in Central Texas to send those glasses to kids in other countries that may not have them.

The McNeils are working with the group Astronomers Without Borders (AWB), a nonprofit organization that helps teach astronomy to kids around the world. The project is a part of AWB's Eclipse Glasses Redistribution Program. 

"They'll take these used ones in, they'll regrade them and make sure they're safe for use," Donovon said. "They will redistribute them to youth in other countries."

The McNeil's said they're also collecting the glasses to keep them out of local landfills. Kenzie said doing projects like this is what being a scout is all about.

"It makes me feel good," Kenzie said. "It's me doing my good turn daily to youth in other countries and to the environment."

The McNeil's already tapped their scout troop, Troop 497, to help with their efforts. If you'd like to donate your used eclipse glasses, you can contact Donovon McNeil through his Facebook, or bring them to us right here at the News Channel 25 station.

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