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Fort Hood receives $45 million for barrack renovations

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"Fort Hood is my most important constituent. All my constituents are important... Fort Hood's the largest employer in the state, it's the largest military post on Earth, it's the Great Place," Congressman John Carter of the 31st Congressional District said. 

But, the Great Place with moldy barracks...

"To think that soldiers come home from places like Afghanistan and say I had way better quarters in Afghanistan than I've got at Fort Hood. That's embarrassing for America," Congressman Carter added. 

Congressman Carter brought the chairman of the defense appropriations committee, Kay Granger, out to Fort Hood to show her the barracks... and they agreed changes were needed.

"The Army has recognized, with a little prodding from our office, that the barracks at Fort Hood are horrible," Congressman Carter said. 

... because of that, Fort Hood has received $45 million for barrack renovations. 

"The average age of our 99 barracks is about 45 years old," Brian Dosa, the Director of Public Works for Fort Hood, said. 

Two of those are completely unlivable. But for the rest, Fort Hood is left to continually clean out the mold so they can house all the single soldiers in need. 

"We know that the root ca use of the mold is still there and that it's gonna continue to have these problems in the future if we don't get them renovated," Dosa added. 

The $45 million only allows five barracks to be renovated out of many that are in need. So, Fort Hood will continue to push for more funding to come through. 

"Nobody should have to stay there much less a defender of freedom in the United States Army," Congressman Carter added. 

The renovation of the five barracks is expected to take two years to complete. 

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