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Mission Waco celebrates community greenhouse grand-opening

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People living in North Waco now have access to a fully sustainable greenhouse, thanks to Mission Waco.

It's called Urban REAP, or Urban Renewable Energy Agriculture Project.

Mission Waco partnered with Green Mountain Energy Sun Club to build it. They broke ground on the site in January 2017 and held a grand-opening Tuesday morning.

The community greenhouse is equipped with an aquaponics system, a rainwater capture system, a composter and a solar grid.

The aquaponics system uses waste from Mission Waco's fish to provide enough nutrients to grow plants without the need for soil. It can produce up to 13,000 pounds of produce and 1,250 pounds of fish and crustaceans each year, feeding 500 families for an entire week, according to a press release.

The greenhouse's 3,000-gallon rainwater capture system can collect up to 23,000 gallons of rainwater each year, which Mission Waco uses to water and grow its plants and gardens.

The solar grid powers the greenhouse's equipment. The composter can treat 27,000 kilograms of food waste each year.

"It provides this community with an opportunity an access to sustainable agriculture, a nutritional diet, the ability to come in and learn about renewable energy and composting as part of their educational program. It helps the community on many different fronts," Green Mountain Energy Sun Club executive director Jason Sears said.

The greenhouse is located on N. 15th Street, next to Jubilee Food Market.

To learn more about Urban REAP, click here.

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