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Texas A&M conserves prehistoric canoe

(Source: Texas A&M) (Source: Texas A&M)

Scientists at Texas A&M University are conserving a prehistoric Native American dugout canoe. It was discovered on June 7 in Louisiana.

On a boating excursion, two residents of Hosston, Louisiana, spotted the hollowed-out tree trunk along a stretch of the Red River just north of Shreveport. The Caddo Indians inhabited those and surrounding lands as far back as the 10th century, which archeologists have traced through artifacts.

Soon after making the discovery, the boaters enlisted help to get necessary approvals to free the canoe from the confines of the riverbank. On June 21, more than two dozen volunteers hurried their efforts to beat Tropical Storm Cindy to prevent further damage to the canoe. The canoe was then crated and transported to Texas A&M by truck.

Following the chemical pretreatment, the canoe is likely to spend at least six months in Texas A&M’s archaeological freeze dryer. While the canoe’s final destination in Louisiana is undetermined, the plan is ultimately to display the find in that area for present and future generations of residents to enjoy.

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