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Studies find a majority of employees experience workplace bulling

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When it comes to bullying, the workplace isn’t typically the first area people think of, but studies show it happens more often than we might realize.

According to the workplace fairness, studies show almost 72 percent of employees report being bullied or have witnessed other employees being bullied.

"When workplace bullying occurs it can have a negative impact on the entire company," John Haisler, the Director of Operations for Central Texas Workforce Solutions, said. 

When this happens at work, it can involve malicious behavior, blatant ostracism or simply not communicating with colleagues. Other subtle forms can include withholding or supplying incorrect work-related information, providing unclear instructions or requesting unnecessary or menial work.

"It is very unhealthy for a work environment, it definitely affects production and more than likely that person is going to leave. If you're a good person trying to do a good job then the employer has wasted time and money probably hiring that person training them," Haisler said. "If a person is coming to work every day and they're dreading it because somebody is bullying them, something is not going well at work, or their supervisor doesn't support them then they are not going to be productive." 

There are ways to help combat bullying some of the first steps include identifying and documenting all encounters that you've experienced with bullying in the workplace, then addressing it with your supervisor or human resource director.

It's also equally important to be able to differentiate if it's bullying or discrimination you've experienced. If you need help identifying instances you’ve experienced contact the Civil Rights Division at Central Texas Workforce Solutions

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