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Dispatchers needed in Bell County

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Bell County 911, what is your emergency?

When calling 911, the expectation is that someone will not only answer, but they'll let you know that help is on the way...

Do you need police, fire or EMS?

But what happens if there's nobody there to answer?

"Right now, we have nine open positions," Aly Clark, a training coordinator for Bell County Communications said. 

As more and more calls come in, the county needs more and more dispatchers.

"We're not in a job where we can say, 'that call is not being answered today or we're not gonna answer that radio channel,'" Clark added.

"We are considered the first responder. We get the information first, we input the call," Jill Bohac, an Emergency Communications Specialist for Bell County Communications, said. 

While officers, firefighters and EMS workers respond to the call, you wouldn't get any help if nobody was there to answer the phone.

"Be the model of excellence, and we really are looking for someone who can embody that because our citizens and our agencies deserve nothing less than excellence," Clark said. 

"The most rewarding to me is just knowing that when I go home at the end of the day that there's a lot of people that I helped in Bell County. This is where I live, this is my community, and I want to do everything I can to help my community," Bohac added. 

"Don't think you can't do it. Give it a try. We'd love to have you sit in and see if it's what you're thinking, and don't be afraid," Clark added. 

"We'll give you all the tools you need, your knowledge will replace your fear so that you can get that job done," Bohac said. 

A complete application includes the application itself, a background check form and passing a typing test. 

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