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Seth Kovar named in the top ten best local newsman's hair in the country

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If you follow The HAIRRYs, you might see a familiar face when you read the top ten in the country for best local newsman’s hair.

News Channel 25’s Seth Kovar was given the honor of having the best hair for local newsmen in Texas. According to, Texas is one of the most competitive states in the running.

On Tuesday, the website announced that Seth Kovar's hair made it to the top ten in the country. He was placed at number 9.

This is Seth Kovar’s second HAIRRY win. He also was given the title in 2015 when he was anchoring in Virginia.

“As long as Seth keeps that superlative style with just the right amount of volume, we think he’s well on his way to many more HAIRRYS,” the website said.

The website added that they chose recipients by finding every local station in each state. Afterwards, they pulled all the headshots of all the on-air talent from each station.

Then, they narrowed it down by the HAIRRY criteria:

  • Hair Thickness
  • Hair Volume
  • Hair Styling
  • Little to no Receding Hairline

They also said they viewed reels of the talent, as well as stalking their social media. After 220 hours of deliberation, the winners were decided.

The Texas runner up winner was Jesse Hawila from WFAA.

You can congratulate Seth on his Facebook page, here.

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