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Officers meet with oldest living retired Waco police officer

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Current and former Waco police officers had lunch with the oldest living retired Waco police officer Thursday afternoon in Lewisville, Texas.

Sgt. James Howard worked for the Waco Police Department from the 1941 to 1961. He is currently 100 years and seven months old.

When Howard started working for Waco PD, he made $125 a month.

"Back in those days it was a pretty good price," Howard said.

He worked 48 hours a week with only one day off at first.

He said he will never forget when the deadly 1953 Waco tornado hit. He was leading a funeral procession that day.

"Sounded like a bunch of freight trains blowing threw. and I got thrown off that motorcyle about 40 feet and some guy found my cap way over in Bellmead one day later," Howard said.

Waco Police Sgt. Scott Holt has met Howard for lunch twice now. He said it puts things into perspective for him.

"Every time I talk to Mr. Howard, I don't hear a complaint out of him. I hear how fortunate he was given an opportunity to work for the city of Waco. How fortunate he was allowed to put food on the table for his family," Holt said.

The officers are hoping to bring Mr. Howard back to Waco in a few months so more officers can visit with him.

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