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Miller's Smokehouse makes list of top 50 BBQ restaurants in TX

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A Central Texas barbecue restaurant is making a name for itself again. For the second time, Texas Monthly magazine has named Miller's Smokehouse in Belton as one of the top barbecue restaurants in the state.

If you ask any of the Millers where they thought they would be today, none of them would say running a restaurant. But, now they're barbecue people, and they can't imagine it any other way. 

"Canned drinks and sausage links," Dusty Miller, a co-owner of Miller's Smokehouse, said when asked about the first days of the business. 

"We used to know every little soul that came in," Lisa "Momma" Miller, co-owner of Miller's Smokehouse, added. 

Miller's Smokehouse in Belton started out in the back of a deer processing and taxidermy business.

"I think when you Craigslist and duct tape a business together in a building that's nineteen feet ten inches wide, you just have to struggle through things," Dusty added.

That struggle turned into success for the Millers who had to move the restaurant into a larger building in downtown Belton, and who are now celebrating some major recognition.

"It's the single most important BBQ publication that comes out. It is the BBQ Bible," Dusty said. 

Texas Monthly recently named Miller's Smokehouse one of the top 50 barbecue restaurants in the state of Texas.

They give credit to the customers...

"They've been forgiving in the past when things weren't as good as they are today," Dusty added. 

... and someone they call Momma Miller.

"Out here, I'm running plates. I'm, you know, doing whatever all the other girls are doing, and I feel like that's important in a business," Momma Miller said. 

What's most important to the Millers though is family... both hired and served.

"We really wanna try and treat our employees in a way that they feel like Millers," Dusty said.  

"This is our house. This is an extension of our house," Momma Miller added. 

A house where anyone is welcome. 

"We want it to be a place that people, when they think BBQ, they think man that is a good, family-run, independent restaurant," Dusty added. 

Momma Miller bakes something different for dessert everyday, but said people shouldn't be afraid to call and ask ahead of time if they want something made special.

Miller's Smokehouse is open week days for lunch and Friday and Saturday evenings with live music.

Other Central Texas restaurants made the cut as well. 

  • Blue Moon BBQ - 18746 E. OSR, Hearne
  • Fargo's Pit BBQ - 720 N. Texas Avenue, Bryan 
  • TRUTH Barbeque - 2990 U.S. 290 West, Brenham 
  • Flores Barbecue - 400 S. Colorado, Whitney 
  • Snow's - 516 Main, Lexington 

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