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U.S. Army Corps of Engineer provide tips for safety this Memorial Day weekend

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Fort Worth District is reminding the public to be careful and ensure safety as a priority when enjoying Memorial Day.

According to the USACE National Operations Center for Water Safety, within the past 10 years, 88 percent of public water fatalities were men and 68 percent were between the ages of 20 and 60.

The center also found that 84 percent of all public water related fatalities involved people who were not wearing life jackets. Most water related fatalities involved people swimming in non-designated areas and 27 percent of boating fatalities involved people falling overboard.

"I know that most of the deaths could have been prevented by wearing a life jacket and taking basic safety precautions,” Col. Calvin Hudson II said. 

They are providing tips to stay safe while swimming, camping, or just picnicking.

  • Wear a properly fitted life jacket when in or near the water
  • Learn how to swim and swim within your limitations and abilities
  • Swim only in designated areas and always swim with a buddy
  • Children should always be supervised when in or near the water
  • Do not dive from elevated areas such as bluffs, large rocks, trees, bridges, etc.
  • Do not swim after floats that have drifted away nor rely on floats as life jacket substitutes
  • Pay attention and comply with posted warnings and be mindful of exposed hazards
  • Avoid alcohol and other drug use that impair physical ability and judgment
  • Avoid risky behavior and challenges that could lead to injury or death
  • Know the risks associated with boats, personal watercraft and other related activities. 

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