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Police apprehend suspects, vehicle that transported body found on the side of the road

(Source: Brazos County Sheriff's Office) (Source: Brazos County Sheriff's Office)

Bryan police said that two suspects are in custody after Brazos County Sheriff Office conducted a traffic stop Friday afternoon. 

Police said that the suspects had stolen a vehicle that was transporting a body from a funeral home. The body was dumped onto the side of the road Friday morning. 

The suspects were identified as Adam Crow, 27, and Tanya Albrecht, 28. 

Police said that a funeral home employee temporarily left the vehicle unattended on the 2900 block of Highway 21 when a suspect jumped into the vehicle and drove away.

The vehicle was transporting a body to the funeral home.

Police said that around 7 a.m., a passerby saw a gurney with a body on the 6000 block of Dick Elliott Rd. The body was brought back to the funeral home.

The vehicle was located before noon. Both suspects are in custody and could face unauthorized use of a vehicle and other other charges. 

Albrecht was charged with abuse of a corpse. 

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