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Do mosquitoes like to bite some people more than others?

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As temperatures and the humidity go up, so do the chances of encountering the bugs that go along with late spring time - and that includes mosquitoes.  A

question that many people have had is are there some people that mosquitoes prefer to bite than others?

David Litke with the McLennan County Public Health District says yes, some can be.

“They'll have to accept that fact - not everybody's exactly the same.  Everybody's body chemistry is not the same, so yeah, some people aren't as fortunate as others.

Litke says there are some known factors that make some people more prone to bites than others.

“Carbon dioxide, when a person breathes they give off carbon dioxide. Some people give off more than others, so that's an attractant.  Skin temperature, warmer skin temperatures attract the mosquito.  What's on the person's skin surface such as sweat or chemicals or even just a person's body chemistry has things that attract the mosquito," Litke said.

“They're also attracted to movement.  If you're moving around that's more of an attractant than if you're just standing still. They're also attracted to dark clothing versus light clothing.  Again, it's so they can start honing in on where you're at," Litke added.

Litke recommends that, other than avoiding the bite, people should find the type of repellent they like and then use it.

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