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Police: 23-year-old who died in crash involving school bus ran red light

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Waco ISD bus get into a accident with another vehicle Waco ISD bus get into a accident with another vehicle

A Waco ISD bus was involved in a crash with another car Friday morning, according to Waco ISD spokesperson Bruce Gietzen. The man who was in the car has died at Hillcrest hospital.

The man has been identified as 23-year-old Jay Alexander Markley. The driver of the bus was transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

A fundraising site has been set up by the family to help the family cover expenses. 

Cel Sandoval who witnessed the crash said he tried to help Markley before paramedics arrived to the scene.

“We tried to wake him up, he was not responsive he appeared to be gasping,” Sandoval said.

Waco ISD said the driver of the bus is 72 years old and has been released from the hospital. Waco ISD clarified that the stoplight turned yellow as the bus headed south on 26th Street, the red car entering from the right, as seen on the video. 

It happened about 7:15 a.m. near North 26th Street and Bosque Boulevard. Police said the bus was travelling south on 26th St. and the car was driving east on Bosque. 

Sandoval said he was behind the school bus when it happened.

"Me and the bus were coming down 26th street when the gentleman in the Ford red sedan. Our light was green unfortunately he passed a red light and the bus collided with him,” Sandoval said.

Police said Markley ran the red light at the intersection, and then his vehicle was hit by the bus.

On Thursday, Waco Police told News Channel 25 drivers running red lights cause the majority of the crashes here.

“The intersection behind us is a particularly dangerous intersection. We work multiple crashes here at this intersection and a bunch of those have been fatality crashes,” Waco Police Spokesman Sgt. Patrick Swanton.

Several neighbors expressed concerns about crashes in this area. Some of them have put barriers to prevent cars from going into their homes.

Jesse, a neighbor in the area, said it would help if the school zone started earlier than it does right now.

“What they should have is the school zone before you get to the light so it would cause people to slow down before they get to the light,” Jesse said.

Sandoval also has concerns about that intersection.

"Right now, I'm shaken up after seeing that but my main concern is that, that street, I think it's a very deadly intersection and something needs to happen,” Sandoval said.

knows firsthand because this was where one of his family members died two years ago after a driver ran a red light at Bosque Blvd. and 26th Street.

"Seeing that type of accident can really affect you,” Sandoval.

There were no students on board the bus, Gietzen said. The driver had just dropped all students at Brook Avenue Elementary and was headed to his next route.

The accident is under investigation.

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