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Central Bell County fire station in need of upgrades

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A Bell County fire station is in need of some upgrades, and its firefighters are asking for your help.

Central Bell County Fire Rescue, a volunteer fire department just off I-14 on North Main Street in Nolanville, has six bay doors that need replacing.

Senior firefighter Richard Trejo told News Channel 25's Pattrik Simmons those doors are old, rusty, and don't function as well as they should.

"We tried to do some makeshift repairs to [them] with wood and different metals and braces to try to keep them together as long as we possibly could," Trejo said.

They're also solid, which means people can't look inside the fire station and see the trucks and firefighters.

"We're a volunteer department, and we tend to get donations and support from our community, so we tend to like our community to know what we've got and what they're supporting," he said.

And for a volunteer fire department that relies on the community's support, Trejo said having doors that show what goes on inside can help make their relationship stronger.

"When we get these new doors in, we can actually let the community know exactly what they're actually donating for and be able to come up and not feel afraid to come and look inside our station and get to know us a little bit better," Trejo said.

They recently replaced one of the doors thanks to a fundraiser they held, but the time to replace the remaining six doors has come.

"Everything on these doors is pretty much home-based, so we need the security to be able to get out and to get in as much as possible when it comes to not only our lives but our community's lives," he said.

Trejo said it costs about $20,000 to replace the doors. If they raise the money on their own, they can have them replaced within a year and a half. But they're hoping the Central Texas community will help them out any way they can.

If you'd like to donate, click here to go to their GoFundMe account.

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