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Village of Salado gets a new police chief

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After losing two police officers and their police chief, the Village of Salado is almost fully staffed.

The village went several months short staffed, but there is finally a new chief in town.

Chief Rick Ashe first came to Salado in 1991 where he served AS alderman from 200-2004 and Mayor from 2004-2008.

Now, he comes back to Salado in a new leadership role.

"The opportunity to have a department that's yours and you put your stamp on and you make the decisions. You know, it gives you that opportunity to really make a difference," Ashe said.

The addition of Police Chief Rick Ashe brings the Village of Salado a new chief, but not a new face.

"I spent four years as an Alderman and then I ran for Mayor and spent four years as mayor," Ashe added.

Ashe says after time in the Military and spending just over 26 years with the Temple Police Department he is ready to bring his skills back home.

"I tell people I probably wouldn't have been interested in a police chief job except for Salado because of the environment here. I have lived here a long time and I love Salado. The people are great and it's just a really good place to be," Ashe said.

Chief Ashe is not the only one excited he is in Salado.

Kaye Coachman has lived in Salado for 15 years and has owned a retail shop, 21 main, in the Village for four.

"Excited that the person we wanted most is going to do wonders for the Village." Coachman said. "He loves Salado and cares about what goes on here and he will do whatever it takes to protect the village."

 Coachman saw Ashe during his political time in Salado and is excited to see him lead the community again...

Coachman "I feel like we are in great hands."

Chief Ashe says he still has one position to fill in the department and he is looking to do that immediately.

"Now I've got three officers working here and I need to hire one more," Ashe said.

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