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CTX senior returns to regional track meet where she collapsed 2 years ago

(Source: Keanu Whitfield) (Source: Keanu Whitfield)

Rosebud-Lott senior Keauna Whitfield is a do-it-all athlete. She plays basketball, volleyball, softball and runs track. But two years ago, she faced a new challenge after running in the regional track meet - Whitfield collapsed during her race.

"I got off the awards stand and I just laid down and the heat was just beaming on me and they had to move me under the tent and give me some water," Whitfield said. "And they made me eat but I couldn't eat or drink anything."

Doctors were able to treat her and found she had an irregular heartbeat.

"Just the thought of if I was going to live or not because they said if I didn't get there on time I could've had a heat stroke," Whitfield said.

Her condition didn't stop her from competing. She ran a few weeks later for Rosebud-Lott at the state track meet.

Whitfield had to adjust to life with her condition. Earlier this year at the regional cross country meet, she collapsed during the final stretch of the race. A medical episode that cost her a fourth straight trip to the State meet.

Last weekend, nothing would stop her.

Despite not advancing to state, Whitfield feels getting back to the same regional meet where she collapsed two years ago was a win in itself.

"It was a big improvement. Because I haven't been eating right but I have been working on that," Whitfield said. "Just sitting in the stands and watching everyone run and just looking at the spot where everything happened, it wasn't emotional to the point where I would cry but it was touching."

Whitfield's plans to continue her athletic career at Letourneau University next year.

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