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TORNADO SURVIVOR: "We're blessed"


The tornadoes that hit East Texas on Saturday are hitting close to home for lots of families across the state including the News Channel 25 family.

Our Hunter Davis has family in Canton. They survived the tornado without getting hurt or getting damage. Their neighbors, though, were not so lucky.

Picture after picture tell the story of lives now in thousands and thousands of pieces. Lisa Hubbard sent News Channel 25 some pictures of her story from Canton.

"I know at least five people who don't have homes anymore," Hubbard said. "My mom, dad and sister have spent all day helping a friend clean up their mess."

She told News Channel 25 over the phone what happened Saturday when the National Weather Service said several tornadoes hit Henderson, Van Zandt and Rains Counties.

Hubbard, who lives on Van Zandt County Road 2521 next to her parents and her cousin, had just gone to her parent's house.

"We got home. I think it was like 6:15 p.m. or 6:30 p.m. maybe, and my dad called me and said, 'Don't look outside, get in the closet right now,'" Hubbard said.

That's exactly what Hubbard said they did after her cousin and her family ran from their home to join them.

"We were in that closet with very little room," Hubbard said.

Hubbard said nine people ended up having to cram into that closet when they heard a tornado.

"I mean it kind of sounds like a train but it sounds like a really long thunder and you're like, when is this thing going to end," Hubbard said.

Hubbard said the tornado didn't touch them or their three houses.

"It did go behind the pasture that's right directly behind our house and it kind of veered off," Hubbard said.

Hubbard said the tornado did damage or destroy many houses near her home.

"We're blessed. We've had friends call and check on us, y'all need anything. No, we have no power. I cannot complain," Hubbard said.

While Hubbard said they cannot complain about not having power for until Monday, they can help their neighbors, who now have close to nothing, put back together the thousands and thousands of pieces of their lives.

"It will be a good long time that Canton is still cleaning up the aftermath," Hubbard said.

Authorities said four people were killed, and at least 50 others hurt during the tornadoes. They added that the death toll could rise again as search teams go through the wreckage.

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