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Salon offers free haircuts to homeless veterans

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A Copperas Cove native, and U.S. Army veteran, has returned to her hometown and opened up shop!

Elizabeth Littlejohn retired from the Army two years ago and started her own business.

The Paisley Barber Shop and Salon was built on the foundation of self discipline, self motivation and self initiative which are three things Littlejohn said are why she's continuing to serve even after retiring.

"It's not all about taking from your community. It's about giving back, and it is about serving people," Littlejohn said. 

After serving our country for 20 years,Littlejohn is continuing to serve her community and fellow veterans from behind the chair.

Littlejohn works with Operation Stand Down in Copperas Cove and provides free haircuts to homeless veterans. 

"Let them know, 'Hey if you'd like to have a free haircut, I'd like to honor you as a veteran,'" Littlejohn added.   

Littlejohn believes her service isn't over yet and that it is her duty, as much now as it was while she was active-duty, to pick up her brothers and sisters in arms when they are in need because... 

"You never look down on someone unless you're picking them up," Littlejohn said. 

Although Littlejohn is still picking herself and her shop up as Paisley's Barber Shop and Salon has only been open since Nov., she abides by...

"The joy of giving outweighs any dollar amount that you could ever hope to achieve," Littlejohn added. 

Littlejohn joined the military following in the footsteps of her late father... someone whose morals she still looks up to today as she continues her service to fellow veterans and the community. 

"So, I think my dad would be very grateful and would be very proud to stand up next to me and say, 'This is my daughter, and I love her, and I want the community to love her, too,'" Littlejohn said.

Littlejohn also visits the Copperas Cove Senior Center on the first Monday of every month to offer volunteer haircuts. 

She said she's looking forward to the next Operation Stand Down so she can continue to serve Central Texas veterans who are in need. 

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