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China Spring joins Waco Neighborhood Association


As new developments pop up and more families move into China Spring, residents are coming together to preserve what they call their "rural identity."

Sara Shoup, President of the China Spring Neighborhood Association, said it’s a project that’s three years in the making. In Jan. 2017, they held their first meeting and recently registered with the City of Waco as a formal neighborhood association.

"A park to me means we have a place to just play and be outside and run around," Shoup said, after about thirty people sat eagerly at a Parks and Recreation meeting only to find out the area wouldn’t get a green space to call their own yet.

For now, many people use the field and playground at the China Spring Intermediate school. Shoup hopes the group will be able to work with local government to make more spaces available.

“The priorities we are focusing on as an organization are developing more parks and green spaces for recreation focusing on public safety with all of the construction,” Shoup said.

As the China Spring area continues to expand the neighborhood association hopes to keep their rural identity.

"When we discussed forming as a recognized neighborhood association we brought something to the city they hadn't really dealt with before," Shoup said.

Instead they are part of China Spring ISD and unincorporated parts of the area that extend into McLennan County, Bosque County and the city of Waco.

"Few people know that there is no China Spring Texas,” Director of Municipal Information Larry Holze said. “People who live in that area within the city limits are citizens of Waco. They pay city taxes, they get city services, there's a fine line out there because the rest of the people are in the city’s ETJ, which is the extra territory jurisdiction. It means some day they will be annexed into the city."

Until that day, Shoup is hoping others will get on board with what's happening in the area. 

"The China Spring identity and the way we want China Spring to grow we need as many people as possible showing up at our meetings," said Shoup.

The neighborhood association will be hosting a meeting after their candidate forum between their district representatives’ tomorrow night at 7:30 at the China Spring ISD administration building.

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