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Reading to your baby increases brain development

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When it comes to children and their development, experts say the earlier they learn, the better it will be for their future.

Studies show by age 3, 90 percent of the synapses in a child’s brain is already formed. This makes early learning stages between birth and age 3 critical to a child’s development.

According to Urban Child Institute, years of research shows the environment of a child’s earliest years can have a lifelong effect on their brain development.

Harker Heights Library Director Lisa Youngblood said making a habit of bringing your child to the library to read is believed to have a lasting impact on their fundamentals of life.

"We want to give children what we call the A-B-C's, attention bonding and communication and that's what the library is offering, an opportunity to do that in a safe and inviting setting," Youngblood said. 

Studies also show that reading to your baby helps with those fundamental building blocks which builds listening, memory and vocabulary skills.

Children's health studies show by the time a baby reaches their first birthday, they've already learned all the sounds needed to speak in their native language.

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