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Young girl makes healthy sweets for diabetics to enjoy

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Sweets and healthy are usually on two opposite ends of the spectrum but one Central Texas girl has created a business for people with certain health restrictions, so they too can enjoy sweets.

Cupcakes are known to give you a sugar rush but for people who can't eat sugar 11-year-old Ona Eneli said she’s created an alternative just for you.

“I decided to do something that I like to do which is eat cupcakes and make cupcakes. So, I wanted to make a cupcake for those people who are diabetic or can't have like a lot of sugar,” Eneli said.   

Eneli has a friend who is diabetic, which is how she came up with the idea of Ona’s Healthy Sweets. She wanted her friend to be able to enjoy her healthy sweets without risking her health. So instead of making normal cupcakes, she decided to make them with healthier ingredients instead.

“I make cupcakes that are healthy, organic, gluten-free, sugar-free,” Eneli said.

Ona’s Healthy Cakes has a gluten free and organic recipe for people who have sensitivities to certain ingredients. And she finds all natural ways to sweeten them.

“I use stevia, applesauce, sometimes bananas or honey to substitute sugar,” Eneli said.

Eneli said she takes about two to three orders every week, and completes her orders on the weekends so she can maintain straight A’s in school. And although the business is just getting started she is well on her way to being a future success.

“I want to be like my own boss when I grow up so I figured starting a business now would help,” Eneli said.

She said none of it would be possible without the love and support she receives from her family.

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