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Floodwaters trap Elm Mott community

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A community living on Lincoln City Road in Elm Mott has been left stranded in their homes after Monday night's severe storm left their section of the road surrounded by floodwater. Most of the residents stranded by the flooded roads haven't been able to leave the area since Monday.

Home owner Kevin Martin said that this isn't the first time. He said when the water rises, the community sticks together.

"We have went and brought groceries and put them on a boat to paddle across there just to have groceries to get us through the weekend while we were stuck out here," Martin said.

Martin has lived on the road since 1995. He said he's had to deal with being stranded over a dozen times, so he's made a routine.

"I get up about a half an hour earlier every morning and I wade through it," Martin said. "Either I go to a friends house or i go to my dad's house and take a shower and put another change of clothes on and go to work"

Officials from Elm Mott's Soil and Conservation Services said that they are aware of the problem and are working on solutions to fix it. But until then, Martin will have to stick to his routine.

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