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Marlin candidates discuss issues in mayoral forum


With general elections just a month away, three political newcomers discussed some old issues in Marlin on Thursday. 

Demetrius Beachum,Shirley King and John Keefer are all running for mayor. 

Demetrius Beachum, a pastor, believes that the city's number one priority is education.

"The school system is the biggest industry in Marlin and if this industry fails then this town will go under so my biggest or my top priority is to get that back on track," said Beachum. 

Beachum believes in order to make any steps forward the city but first come together.

"My first thing is to bring the community back to unity bring them back together if we don’t bring this city back together it will implode and destroy itself so my first plan is to bring the city back together in unity," said Beachum. 

King refers to the town she grew up in as "Miracle Marlin." She believes there is much more in store for the town and hoping to make those necessary changes by bring people together.

"Everybody working together for the betterment of the community just a change everything is at a bad fix because nothing was taken care of  the way it should have been taken care of but we have to set goals and have visions and make a difference," King said. 

Keefer, a businessman, is new to Marlin but has been active in local government attending every city council meeting. Frustrated with the lack of work he decided to get involved. He is hoping that through clear and concise communication the town will be better off.

"Communication is the biggest issue we have. We road problems, we have water problems, but nothing is going to be done if we can’t communicate to the citizens," said Keefer.

All candidates and the audience echoed those same sentiments of togetherness moving forward. Elaine Truett, a Marlin Native said while she knows which candidate she will vote for she thinks each choice is a good one.

"I don't think we could make a bad decision either way," said Truett. 

Throughout the forum they said one of the biggest things Marlin was basic respect for each other and unity.  Moving forward they hope the mayor, will be able to bring everyone across their town together.

“Our children are the future of marlin and if our children are not brought up to be united then the town is not ever going to be united.”

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