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Chuck E. Cheese starts Sensory Sensitive Sundays in CTX

A trip to Chuck E. Cheese can be a lot to take in. Bright colored lights glow and flicker from games with catchy tunes on a loop. Chuck E. and his animatronic friends may perform a song with the laugh (or cries) of children in the background. For some children, this paints a chaotic and uncomfortable scene. 

That's why the national arcade agreed to dim the lights, quiet the music and cut back on the shows one Sunday a month. Lexie Nickerson, Marketing Manager with Chuck E Cheese, said they first tested the program and chose April to roll it out nationally. " Being progressive with the times, it's a great chance to kick start the program for all of our locations."

Chuck E. Cheese joined with Center for Autism and Related Disorders to make the play place more inclusive for kids with special needs. Sunday the program kicked off in more than 300 locations across the country. Including three in Central Texas. 

About a dozen parents and children attended the first day in Waco. Brittany Combs said her six-year-old son would not be able to handle all of the lights and crowd on an average day. "I know on a general occasion we wouldn't take him out a whole lot, but to have the opportunity to take him out here without the noise and distractions, it's a time for him to be able to come out and be himself and have fun."

Combs said that in addition to her son being able to get out and have some she is able to talk with other parents of special needs children. Combs said she was invited to the event by Wesley Perry. Perry showed up to the event he said it's important to support those in the community with special needs. "I have a lot to do with special needs kids and their families. I have one Kade is my son and he also works here so I understand the struggles of special needs kids with their sensory issues with the noises sounds bells whistles and also with the mobility devices the wheel chairs how hard it is to get a round in a crowded room."

Perry said events like this are an important part of furthering inclusiveness. "It's special for a place to recognize these kids because they're people too they're special they have their special needs but they want to have fun just like everyone else."

The locations in Central Texas holding the event include:



WACO- 5106 W. WACO DRIVE, WACO, TX 76710

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