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Killeen woman involved in abusive relationship shares her story

Source: Domestic Violence Overcomers Facebook Source: Domestic Violence Overcomers Facebook

Clarrissa Trevino is from a small town called Port La Vaca, but the same place she made wonderful memories as a child is the same place she made terrible ones with her husband.

"I would go to work sometimes with busted lips and black eyes and Ii would have to wear makeup to cover it up," Trevino said. 

Trevino was in an abusive relationship for roughly three years.

"I was about 17-years-old and I met this guy that I thought I could not live without." Trevino added. "He would come home and just pull me out of the bed and throw me against the wall and break phones over my head... to punish me for whatever he was mad at."

She recently started living life by a new slogan "I'm not just a survivor, I'm an overcomer."

She has started a Facebook page in hopes to share this message with others that have gone through the same situation. 

"The more people we have that share their stories the more others can see that they are not the only ones going through it and they can get help," Trevino said.

Although she cannot pin point what really made her stay she knows exactly what made her leave.

"He jumped up and called me all kinds of names and I am trying to run outside and he was running after me and grabbed a hold of my neck and I just saw the evil in his eyes and I felt like I was about to die," Trevino said.

Clarissa says she passed out and doesn't remember anything after that. She woke up in the hospital and realized her husband was never going to change, so her mindset did. 

"I survived, but not only did I survive I am an overcomer," Trevino said. 

Trevino started the Domestic Violence Overcomer Facebook page to share her story with others so they know they are not alone.

"Now that we have survived we are able to overcome everything that we have gone through. You're no longer holding on to whatever you went through so now you have overcome," Trevino added. 

All an effort to overcome the terrible memories and make wonderful ones again.

Trevino is selling T-shirts with the "overcomer" saying. All of the money that sales of the "overcomer" t-shirt raises will go to local domestic violence shelters.

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