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Group protests repeal on eve of Obamacare anniversary

(Source: Raycom Media) (Source: Raycom Media)

Thursday is the seventh year since the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare passed. Proponents and opponents alike plan to mark the occasion with action.

Washington lawmakers are hoping to mark the occasion by repealing the plan and implementing the American Health Care Act.

Representative Bill Flores will be voting in favor of repeal. "The plan that we are voting on tomorrow provides Americans with more choices for coverage. And eventually at lower costs then what they pay for today," Rep. Flores said. 

Members of the Centex Action Network are concerned, believing that millions of Americans will be harmed by the proposed changes. Wednesday night they will protest outside of Representative Bill Flores' Office with a candlelight vigil.

In a release, the group said, "The 'TrumpCare' bill cuts coverage for millions of Americans, raise premiums and provide a $600 billion tax break to the wealthiest Americans while simultaneously gutting Medicaid for the poorest members of society."

The Centex Action group aren't the only people with concerns on the passage of new plan. Dr Roland Goertz, CEO of Family Health Center is concerned the new plan won't provided coverage for all. 

"I don't the new bill values coverage that much even though there was a lot of political promises about that and i think that's the saddest part because in American if you don't have health care there's a direct correlation that you have poorer health it just is now you can be uncovered but there's a direct correlation that if you are without coverage your health is generally poorer. 

Dr. Goertz also worries there are some gaps and issues that aren't addressed in the new plan. In the ACA there is money set aside for clinics like Family Health Center. In the new plan, there is no provision for funding. "We're ok we were approved last congressional session through 2017 beginning January of 2018 there is no knowledge of what's going to happen could be a reduction of two million dollars a year."

If there is no money allotted, they stand to lose 6 percent of their total funding. While the cut would not stop them from completing their mission Dr. Goertz said it may interfere with some of the services they can offer. 

Representative Flores said many of the perceived issues will be addressed in time. "This will be the first step one in a multistage process for 21 century fix. Tomorrow will repeal Obamacare, we're going to replace it with patient centered consumer oriented health care that gives them a choices in what they want to do," he said. 

Representative Flores said while he hears those constituents who disagree, he believes more people will benefit from the changes. "I've had more people adversely impacted more than the small number that have benefited from Obamacare."

Still it won't deter the group from their somber protest. Annie Ellison, spokesperson for Centex Action Network said they are hoping that Representative Flores will be open to changing his stance on the policy. "We just feel like this changes are not being well thought out and have the potential to cut out Healthcare for millions of Americans. It's just a price that's too high we think there are better options," Ellison said. 

The Centex Action Network will hold a vigil again Thursday nights at 7:30 p.m. at 400 Austin Ave, Waco, TX 76701.

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