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Local non-profit aims to reopen sober living house


Volunteers spent time renovating a Waco home in hopes that it’ll reopen as a sober living facility.

Central Alcoholic Foundation Inc. said they’ve provided a safe place for men transitioning out of treatment centers and incarceration since 1987. However, closed last August. The organization’s marketing coordinator, Alaina Parra, said they’re working to open up and offer a service they believe the Central Texas community needs.

“We’re hoping to get this place open in 2 months. It might be a little longer, but every weekend until then we’ll be out here working,” Parra said.

Parra said several people have volunteered their time to help renovate the house located at 1628 Lyle Ave. She said she’s pleased with the community’s involvement thus far.

“We’ve seen a great response. People have been amazing,” Parra said. “People are showing up, working and spending their time off on the weekends to come up here and just lend a hand.”

Volunteer Ryan Umberger said he owes his life to a house just like the Central House.

“It provided me with certain tools that I needed and the people I needed to help get my life back on track,” he said.

Along with other volunteers, Umberger made improvements to the facility. He said they’re working to improve the floor, paint the walls, replace lighting fixtures and repair the roof.

“There’s community spirit involved, but getting out of our own selves and helping another’s situation become better is very important. I can’t stress that enough,” Umberger said.

Central Alcoholic Foundation Inc. said those who cannot volunteer their time can still give back by donating funds. The non-profit organization set up a page on crowdfunding website, Go Fund Me.

For more information about Central House, visit their social media account.

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