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Central Texans gather donations for Panhandle fire victims

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A Central Texas man is gathering donations of feed and hay to deliver to the victims of the wildfires in the Panhandle.

Jess McCabe, who lives in Pearl, Texas, told his wife he wanted to help in some way.

"My wife and I were driving down the road and thought what can we do?" McCabe said.

He made some calls earlier this week asking if people would donate one trailer load of hay.

"Immediately one trailer load turned into 75 big round bales and over 12-tons of feed," McCabe said. 

Two local feed stores, Coryell Feed and The Ranch in Gatesville, have also teamed up with McCabe to gather supplies.

"I said sure, be glad to. No hesitation because the rural and agricultural community is close knit nationwide," Dick Bay, owner of Coryell Feed Store, said. "If you've got a little pain in one area, you feel it in the other."

McCabe put a message on Facebook asking others to call and donate to the feed stores. 

People from all across the United States have called to donate.

McCabe plans to load the trucks and semi-trailers Monday afternoon and will deliver the supplies to the Panhandle on Tuesday.

"Without them America doesn't eat. So I mean at some point we have to stand up," Clint Blanchard, co-owner of The Ranch feed store in Gatesville, said. "They would do the same for us."

If you would like to donate, you can call Coryell Feed at (254) 865-6315 or The Ranch at (254) 404-2220. McCabe said a little as $10 can go a long way for those affected by the fire.

McCabe also said they are still looking for people with trucks and semi-trailers to join them to deliver the donations.

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