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Protest supports women on International Women's Day

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March 8 is International Women’s Day and after the historic women's march on Washington earlier this year, organizers have decided to create another protest in honor of supporting women. 

This time, women across the country are expected to join a strike called "A Day Without a Woman."

Creators of this strike asked for women all over the world to support by following specific guidelines.

On organizers have asked women to join them while :

  • Taking a day off work from paid and unpaid labor.
  • Avoiding spending money for the day except for shopping at small women or minority owned businesses.
  • Wearing red in solidarity of supporting a day without a woman.

International organizer Paula Mendoza said all of this is not just to miss work but instead to take global action to stand for equality, justice and human rights for all people.

"For so long we have been taken for granted and we're demanding that we are respected and that everyone realizes how essential women are to the political process as well as too society," Mendoza said.  

Mendoza also said they want people to realize what a day without a woman would be like, and why they feel refraining from spending money is vital in making sure their voices are heard.

"Not spending money is important because in our dollars we have power and we want to show that. We also want to show the American people and the administration that our dollars are powerful," Mendoza said.

For those people who took the day off work to show their support, organizers even created a letter of absence for people to send to their employers explaining the strike.

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