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McLane Children's music video goes viral

(Source: McLane Children's Medical Center) (Source: McLane Children's Medical Center)
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Doctors and nurses and patients oh my! They have gone viral.            

A Central Texas children's hospital has left their mark in the digital world with a video that will get you dancing and keep you smiling. 

The patients and staff at McLane Children's Medical Center feel better when they're dancing... so much so that they made a music video that has been viewed more than 110,000 times!

"We really do feel better when we're dancing. We try to be uplifting and have a positive attitude when we come to work every time. We have a really great team, and I think our patients and families feed off of that," Jaylee Hilliard, the Director of Neonatal & Clinical Support Services at McLane Children's, said.

The McLane Children's music video isn't aimed to just help those staying at the hospital either. 

"If you're at home sitting on your couch and you see the music video, and you've had a rough day or you got a flat tire on your way to work, it really puts things in perspective, and for those of us that work here, we are reminded of that and humbled every single day," Hilliard added.  

Hilliard said there was no shortage of patients and staff who wanted to be a part of the music video and show the world what McLane Children's hospital is all about.

D'Ann Slater has Sickle Cell Anemia and visits McLane Children's frequently for blood transfusions. When she found out she could participate in the video...

"I was happy because I want to inspire others to dance like me even though I'm sick and I don't want to," D'Ann Slater said.  

D'Ann was just one of the many smiling faces in the video and said she is greeted with that same smile every time she visits McLane Children's. 

"We're not the biggest children's hospital in the United States, but I can guarantee you that we probably have more fun here than anywhere else," Hilliard said. 

The music video was a long awaited project and after such immediate success, McLane Children's said the bar has been set high if they ever decided to make another one.

But, never say never. 

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