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13-year old looks to inspire others during Black History Month

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On Feb. 1,13-year-old TJ came downstairs dressed and ready for school, but something was different.

He was dressed head to toe in a suit and when his mom asked him why, he said he wanted to honor Black History Month by dressing up as African-American men that inspire him.

"I actually wore a suit the day before Black History Month as Martin Luther King and then the next day I wore it as Malcolm X so then I thought if I do one every day that would be pretty cool," said Collins.

TJ's parents say they are so incredibly proud of this and they are excited to help him every step of the way.

"I would like to say we were shocked, but it's almost like nothing he does surprises us he's always doing things that just make you so proud. I want to take credit for it, but I really can't because he is just genuinely a great kid," said Lamar Collins, TJ's dad.

Mr. and Mrs. Collins are so grateful for the overwhelming positive feedback they have received. Although the project may be a little costly they are willing to invest in their son and the impact he is making.

"I'll have to go take out a loan for some of these suits were buying because he can't just have a suit he's got to have a 'SUIT.' But you know what, he is doing something positive and as long as he is dong something positive I am going to support him," said Lamar Collins.

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