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Celebrate National Pizza Day with CTX favorite

Shorty's Pizza is located on 12th and Bagby. (Source: KXXV) Shorty's Pizza is located on 12th and Bagby. (Source: KXXV)

For Christopher Salazar, supporting the community is a big part of the day-to-day in running Shorty's Pizza Shack. 

Whether that’s in the people that come through the door or the fresh produce they use for their pizzas, the community has been a staple of the business.

Located at 1712 S. 12th Street in Waco, Shorty’s Pizza Shack is nestled in a prime location, near the campus of Baylor University and the several apartment complexes and homes surrounding the area.

Shorty’s celebrated its sixth anniversary this February. Ted “Shorty” Browning opened its doors after dreams of opening a pizza shop near the campus.

Browning noticed the lack of the college hang out during his time at Baylor, and when he returned to Waco, saw the opportunity to bring his vision to the location.

The shop is a textbook example of the college hotspot. The décor celebrates Baylor, the alma mater of the owner Shorty himself. The space is open, both inside and the several spots outside for gatherings, parties, get-togethers for the community.

The family-owned business prides itself on the fresh and local produce that comes into making the New York style pizza. The dough is handmade and hand-tossed by actual people, not a machine as expected.

“Pretty much anything we can do in house, we do in house,” Salazar said. “We try to use as many local companies as we can, just keep everything fresh so we know what we’re getting. It’s what sets us apart, it’s the flavor and you can taste it in the pizza, which is good.”

The most popular menu item?

“Probably the 18-inch pepperoni pizza,” says Salazar, general manager of Shorty’s. “Whenever you think of pizza, that’s what you think of. Classic.”

The shack holds enough space for everyone, with an inside, a covered patio spot, and a turf and picnic area outside. Shorty’s also sells beer and wine, if you want to pair that with your pizza.

All in all, what makes Shorty’s what it is today is not only the pizza, but also the people that make the experience of the past six years rewarding.

“I think for me, it’s probably been the people that come in,” Salazar said. “It’s cool to see how loyal some of the students and the customers are, you’ll see them in here two to three times a week. It’s cool to almost start a friendship with them.”

Join Shorty’s for National Pizza Day on Feb. 9!

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