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Community college, students prepare for campus carry law

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Community colleges, such as McLennan Community College, are preparing for the campus carry law to take effect on Aug. 1.

MCC formed a campus carry committee last year to develop the policy for the two-year institution. This after having forums with students, faculty, staff and members of the community. 

The committee co-chair Robert Page said the group, which drafted a policy, followed state law to determine the places that should be gun-free.

Some of the areas where guns would not be allowed permanently, include the Child Development Center and health clinic. Guns would not be permitted on a temporary basis at locations where college and high school games are taking place. In addition, when alcohol is being served at places, such as the Bosque River Stage, guns would not be allowed.

"It's the least restrictive but maintaining what the law requires and most importantly we are providing the safest environment we can in complying with the campus carry law," Page said.

He said he doesn't anticipate there would be an overwhelming number of carrying a weapon.

"If it's done legally and properly no one should know that there's nobody carrying a weapon," Page said. 

Students on campus still have mixed feelings about the law being implemented in the first place.

"I personally think it's OK. I personally wouldn't carry but I know a lot of students feel more protected that way," MCC Business Management student Will Payne said.

Music student Jacob Hoeffner who is not in favor of campus carry said the change would make him more cautious. 

"I think I will be more mindful of the fact that people may be carrying a gun. I don't think it's going to impact the way I carry out my day," Hoeffner said.

Payne also said he planned to be more mindful. 

"I don't know everybody on campus. You don't know their personalities. You don't know why or why not they might have that gun so you really have to be on your guard."

That proposed policy will be presented to the Board of Trustees for approval next month. Page said once the board approves the policy, the MCC president is the only who can change the policy. 

A training video is expected to be added for the campus carry law during the summer. 

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