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New Waco police chief starts position

(Source: Waco PD) (Source: Waco PD)

As Waco Police Chief Ryan Holt finished up one of his first full days he looked around the police museum. The old pictures serve as  a reminder

"The police department is going to be here after we're gone it's important that we remember that we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us."

Ryan Holt who was confirmed as the next police chief at a city council meeting on Dec. 20 has been with the Waco Police Department since 1996. He worked in roles in community outreach, S.W.AT. and a detective to name a few. He says working in those positions better prepares him for his newest one. He became assistant police chief in 2008.Chief Holt jokes, so far the most noticeable change has been the title on the door.

In Chief Holt's time in Waco he has witnessed a lot of change. In the past two or three decades he has seen community and police relations take a positive change. During his tenure though he is expecting more.

"It can always be better you know we can always strive to make that relationship better to be more transparent to do better work in the community. But right now but we are honored to have such a great relationship with our citizens," Chief Holt said.

Chief Holt said one of the community efforts has been taking a look at some of the systemic roots of crime and working with local groups."The police department is working with Prosper Waco to reduce crime through reducing poverty, helping education, helping folks earn a living wage, dealing with mental health issues. The police department is going to be a partner in working with Prosper Waco and other organizations to alleviate those issues."

In addition to community partnerships, Chief Holt is focusing on how to keep crime rates low. As Waco population is projected to grow Chief Holt hopes that he can keep enough officers to keep up.

"It's going to take some planning to make sure we don't get behind he curve it can take 18 to 24 months before we get a police officer on the street from the moment you hire them so you can see how there'd be some delays so we got to get ahead of that and make proper plans," Chief Holt said. Also on the list is monitoring domestic terrorism. Chief Holt said last summer's ambush attack in Dallas served a reminder police need to stay on top of the issue.

Chief Holt will be officially sworn in on Thursday afternoon.

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