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Why many Central Texans chose to dine out on Thanksgiving

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On Thanksgiving, some Central Texans didn't even bother cooking dinner at home. Instead, they decided to eat at one of the few restaurants open for business instead.

Some people agreed that eating out this year was more convenient because it meant less work for them at home.
"No dish washing, plus I'm working tomorrow for Black Friday, so you know, it's convenient," Brenda Baron said. 

David Doringo is a chef who loves to cook and normally prepares a Thanksgiving feast, but since he was away from the majority of his family this year, he chose to dine out. 

"Eating out is great for people that are away from the family like us. My family is in Houston so it's just a good place to be," Doringo said. 

Others who joined their family and decided to eat out said they just wanted to change the tradition and this allowed them to still be surrounded by the people they love. 

"This picks up the spirit being around nice people, it's nice," Doringo said. "It's better than dong it all yourself," Baron said. 

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