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How to save money buying holiday tech gifts

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The holiday shopping season is well underway, and with Black Friday just days away, the number of shoppers at giant retail stores is expected to pick up. 

The demand for technology gifts this season is up compared to recent years.

"If it's on sale, they're going buy it,” Paula Sanders, a Best Buy representative, said.

To make sure you get the most out every sale, especially on Black Friday, experts recommend that shoppers plan their route ahead of time using doorbuster ads.

"Sales start at different times of the day. Some of them, start at five, some of them start at six,” Sanders added.

Experts also recommend that you read the fine print on the advertisements since good sales on hot gadgets sometimes are too good to last.

"Most doorbusters have a limited quantity that they can give out. So, I would look at that too,” Sanders said.

Gadgets on many wish lists this season include drones.

"A lot of these are smaller and have a feature where they can lock onto you so you can just send them up on their own and have them take a group picture of you and your friends or family,” a Best Buy representative said.

Virtual reality headsets are a hot item this holiday season.

"You put this headset piece on, and it's going to create a video-game like world around you. They give you the option to just play videos if you're not interested in actually interacting with it. But, it gives you that 3-D space that you can be in the middle of,” the Best Buy representative added.

And, of course, a smartwatch that also functions as a cell phone also tops Christmas lists.

"It's going be used in range of the phone, and it's going to use the apps that you already have on the phone and give you a way to control the menus of those on your wrist while the phone remains in your pocket,” the Best Buy representative said.

Experts also recommend that you bring a shopping buddy with you for things like dividing up the shopping list and holding a spot in checkout lines.

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