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Central Texans lighting up green to support veterans

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For the second year in a row, businesses and homes in Central Texas and across the country are lighting up green to support our veterans.

"It's such a small symbol, but it means so much to people. All you're doing is changing one light bulb. So when people see that, they know that you support our veterans," Lowe's employee Anthony James Howard said.

It's all part of the Greenlight a Vet movement. Walmart started the movement last year, but the movement has since spread to stores like Lowe's and Home Depot.

Replacing a light bulb outside your home or at your office with a green light bulb is all you have to do to participate.

Vietnam War veteran Elbert Woodham said seeing those green lights, whether while walking into the Lowe's in Waco or while driving through a neighborhood, can brighten up his day and make him feel appreciated.

"It's a backing for us. It's a morale booster for us that we didn't get when we first came back to the United States," Woodham said.

Kaisa Redden, who is studying counseling psychology so she can work with veterans with PTSD, couldn't wait to light her porch green.

"Basically, what it means to me is, 'Welcome home. Thank you for what you did. But most importantly, welcome home,'" she said.

She knows just how important it is to make veterans like Woodham feel appreciated.

"I think it's just a reminder to them. A reminder that you're still important to us. That we haven't forgotten about them," she said.

And that's a reminder Woodham said he hopes all veterans will see.

"I'll believe they'll be lit up everywhere," he said. "I'm hoping so anyway."

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