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Two Central Texas Pilots aim to help flood victims in Louisiana


A few pilots from Fort Hood are using their skills to help people in need.

Those people affected by flooding in Baton Rouge still need assistance.

That’s why two pilots are trying lend a hand but they need help from the Central Texas community.

The pilots who helped create this act of kindness are Thomas Stowers and Alex McHale.

Their mission is to help those flood victims in Louisiana by donating items they need.

“We've got zero dollars at this point so we're hoping that we can get anything. For every $1,000 we can do about 4 hours of flight time,” said Stowers.

In the airplane they plan to use, $1,000 would cover one round trip from Central Texas to Baton Rouge. 

“We want to gather as much supplies as we can, and then help get those to a distribution team there in Louisiana area” said Stowers. 

In efforts to help those in need, there is one thing standing in the way. The amount of money it costs to fly the plane.  

“If we can get the cost of the plane covered and the supplies then we can go help,” said Stowers.

Stowers said it takes about two hours to travel to Baton Rouge, Louisiana from Central Texas. The gas alone is around $250 each hour.

The fleet can hold up to 1,800 pounds of non-perishable items and Stowers said they can also pickup supplies in other places. 

“Any supplies and any personnel that need transportation to and from the area. We want to volunteer our time to help out with that effort," said Stowers.

Both pilots are in coordination with a ground team in the area waiting to receive the items.

They need help from the community to make it happen.

The original goal set was about $20,000. To learn how you can donate click here

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