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Trump holds rally in Austin, questions raised about why he came to a red state

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Thousands of Texans and Trump supporters piled into the Luedecke arena in Austin for a rally the republican nominee hosted Tuesday night.

While some people thought Trump was wasting his time in a state where he'll probably win, the billionaire made the trip worthwhile.

The Luedecke area seats more than 6,000 people, and it was packed to full capacity.

“Because of the large attendance, that means we're going to win," Rudy GIuliani, former Mayor of New York City said.

Some supporters said they like Trump because he is not always politically correct, and they don’t want their guns taken away.

"You take away our guns you take away our livelihood", Sid Miller, the Texas Agriculture Commissioner said.

Once Trump took the stage, he talked about his opponent Hillary Clinton, border security and he had a special message for neighborhoods with high crime rates.

“I will appoint federal officers who will work hand and hand with police officers, and citizens, who will help to dismantle gangs, cartels, and criminal syndicates terrorizing our people," Trump said.

When Trump talked about border security, he continued to promote the idea of building a wall to stop illegal immigrants from entering the United States.

Trump said he can fix issues in America like debt and unemployment.

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