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Temple says water is safe to drink after high contaminant notification

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The City of Temple said its water is safe to drink after sending out a notification that it was below Texas Commission on Environmental Quality standards. 

The notification sent out Monday said the drinking water has high levels of  organic compounds trihalomethanes, but a city spokesperson says those findings were from five months ago.

Trihalomethanes are formed during the water treatment process when chlorine reacts with naturally occurring organic matter.

It's something that can have serious consequences if it is taken in excess. 

People who drink two liters of water a day for over 70 years could experience problems with their liver, kidneys, central nervous systems and could have an increased risk of cancer.

TCEQ does 12 month averages and because of the high levels of  trihalomethanes reported in Temple back in March, it brought their average down. The same notification was sent out at the time.

They have since improved the treatment process and levels have decreased.

Although the city says the water is fine, TCEQ requires water suppliers to notify their customers every quarter if their average for the year was below compliance. 

Officials expect to be back to standard by December. 

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