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Waco Police looking for community help after shooting

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Waco Police said they are looking for residents help in finding who’s responsible for a shooting that left a baby and a woman in the hospital.

Police were called to the Trendwood Apartments at the 1700 hundred block of Dallas Circle after 10 p.m.  Police say shots were fired after an altercation escalated in the apartment parking lot

In what police called a ‘fire fight,’ 40 shots were fired. A woman walking to a car was caught in the crossfire and shot in the back. A baby, no older than two years old was injured by glass broken by a stray bullet.  The bullets exchanged hit seven parked cars, one stray bullet even hit an apartment, no one was harmed.

Assistant Public Information Officer for Waco Police, Officer Garen Bynum said the apartment complex, full of children and families is usually active this time of year and it’s fortunate more people were not hurt.

"It's pretty typical on a night like this that there are a lot of people out so as far as you know, how many people exactly we are still trying to find that out that's all a part of the ongoing investigation,” Bynum said.

Police were arrested five people seen running from the scene of the crime into an apartment. Three were arrested on outstanding warrants, two were arrested for criminal trespassing. The five are considered persons of interest but have not been charged.

Public Information Officer for Waco Police, Sergeant Patrick Swanton, believes many of the issues at Trendwood are caused by people who don’t live in the complex. Waco police say they have been working with management at cleaning up area crime but hope that residents will cooperate in the effort.

"We want those people to live without fear, we want them to raise their kids in an environment that is safe to live in. We want them to be able to send their kids to the playground and not worry about being killed.  You see it every time you're over there, there are little ones that run through that complex. That's their home and we want to make it safe for them but the individuals who live there have to help us do that,” Swanton said. 

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