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National clear the shelter day in central Texas

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Saturday July 23rd, was national clear the shelter day. On this day hundreds of animal shelters nationwide offered free pet adoptions.

One resident of Rosebud drove all the way to Temple to get her free puppy.

Sara Smith said, “I'm really excited because I’ve been wanting a puppy of my own”.

Smith wasn’t the only one thinking about adopting a new puppy or kitten, dozens of families in central Texas spent their Saturday doing the same.  

Smith said “We come home and we're going to have a new puppy or dog”.

Over 60 shelters throughout Texas are participated in the clear the shelter event, people had the opportunity to come in and take a furry friends home as a new member of their family.

With shelters all over the country and right here in Texas constantly experiencing over population, Saturday was the day to choose any animal of your choice whether you like little kittens or the other four legged fur balls.

Saturday was a chance to save a life and promote adoption over buying from a breeder.

“Right now it seems to be a seasonal issue their crowded there's a lot of animals and they're free” said Marc Powell another family that adopted.

In addition to the free adoption, families received a voucher to get the each animal spayed or neutered for free and where sent home with food toys and a discount on vaccines.

Adopting a pet can usually cost close to one hundred dollars or more after all of the animal services are performed.

But, today all you needed was to be 18 years old, and promise to complete the appropriate vaccinations.  Now dozens of animals in Central Texas have a new home.

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