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Online petition wants to make a difference in honor of late Coryell County teen

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An online petition hopes to change the road that claimed the life of a Coryell County teen.

It has been two months since a car hit and killed 15-year-old Cameron Raine while he was waiting for the school bus.

Two of Raine’s friends are getting signatures for a petition they hope will make a difference in his honor.

On Cactus Lane in Coryell County, there are two signs: one for a bus stop and the other warns drivers to watch out for children playing. There are no speed limit signs.

“People fly down these roads and they aren’t cautious of children playing in the road,” Jada Ramirez, one of Raine's close friends, said.

Ramirez and Angela Gomez, another one of his close friends, created a petition on, asking Coryell County lawmakers to place speed limit signs on Cactus Lane and surrounding roads, as well as making that speed limit just 25 miles per hour.

“I feel like if we had speed limit signs up here, it would enforce the speed limit more and then they would actually know the speed limit and maybe get in some trouble or [get] a warning,” Ramirez said.

The teens are hoping that a low speed limit sign will give drivers enough time to slow down if something were to happen. They have been spreading the message through social media and by going door to door. 

“I think that every day. What if Cameron was late to the bus stop? What if that guy was going slower and he had time to break? Would Cam still be here?" Ramirez said.

Coryell County held a meeting Monday night to pick the day and time of their next town hall meeting, where the teens hope to submit their petition.

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