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Shelters warn dog owners about Fourth of July fireworks

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Source: KXXV Source: KXXV

Fourth of July is a happy celebration for Americans but it may also be a time of high anxiety for their furry friends.

Local animal shelters said the amount of strays they find or receive goes up around the 4th of July because of Fireworks.

The loud bangs and echoes can scare some dogs and even cause them to dig their way out of a backyard or jump fences. 

City of Killeen Animal Services Manager Edward Tucker said, in 2015, 40 dogs were brought in during the 4th of July as a direct result of fireworks.

He said the shelter is pretty full so he recommended a few ways to prevent dogs from running away.

"Once the fireworks start, bring all your animals in and put them in the garage," Tucker said. " Crack the garage a little bit, put some water out there and let them spend the night in the garage until the fireworks are over because that'll save you the headache of your dog running away or jumping the fence or going away."

Tucker also recommended micro-chipping dogs just in case they get out, it will help make for a quick and happy reunion between pets and their owners. 

Both the Waco and Killeen shelters will be closed Sunday and the Fourth of July. Shelter officials ask if anyone finds a dog wandering to please keep it until the shelters open back up on Tuesday.  

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