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Flooding leads to Central Texas snake surge

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Sara Schumacher walked her dog Bentley at pepper creek trail every day - when one day a rattlesnake bit him.

"We saw Bentley jump two or three feet in the air and a rattlesnake got him and was lunging at his leg. We didn't know initially it had bit him,"Schumacher said.

It wasn't long though until she noticed her dog had been bitten by the snake - the wound so severe that veterinarians thought they would have to amputate the dog's leg.


To save her dog Schumacher spent over $8,000 - a financial hit she is still working to recover from. Now Schumacher wants other residents to know about the danger of snakes. 

"I just want the city to know it's happening and it did happen to our dog. We just want them to be able to warn the public, 'hey watch out for your kids watch out for your dog’s there are venomous snakes out here," Schumacher said. 

We spoke with Temple Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Beavers, who said that snakes are inevitable part of being outdoors. Beavers said that there are two signs at Pepper Creek warning trail goers. 

"Down at the entry from here, there is signs posted that you'll encounter all kinds of wildlife it could be foxes it could be different kinds of snakes and they're all posted on the sign letting you know they are dangerous but they are valuable to the ecosystem," Beavers said. 

Experts said there are four types of venomous snakes that Texans may come across but to treat every sighting like a poisonous snake sighting.

Snake expert and owner of Centex snake removal David Brittain said because of recent weather, more people are seeing the creatures.

"The rattlesnake, the water moccasins, the copperhead, and the coral snake all live on the ground. All this heavy rain we've gotten, it's kind of flooding them and pushing them out of their natural habitat causing them to seek refuge somewhere else," Brittain said.

While some people may be afraid, Brittain warns to leave the snake alone and call a professional.

"The reaction is to scream run away grab a hoe a yard tool or a shovel and kill the snake that's total lack of knowledge the fear of snakes is a learned behavior," Brittain said. 

Brittain encourages people to learn about snakes and offers educational seminars that are free for elementary schools. To learn more about snakes, or get your own snake removed- check out his website- here or here

If you'd like to donate to Bentley's medical fund a link can be found here.


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