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Connecticut teenagers accused of making bogus bomb threat at Lampasas Walmart

Bomb Scare Bomb Scare

Two Connecticut teenagers are now accused of calling in a false bomb threat at the Lampasas Walmart last month.

Both Lampasas Police Department responded to the call at the Walmart store at the 1710 Central Texas Expressway on March 3.

According to a Lampasas Police Department, a Walmart employee received a call regarding the bomb threat. The next day a call was made taunting employees about the bomb threat. The same person answered the call and was able to trace the number that called.

After an investigation was conducted, Lampasas Police said it discovered the phone numbers used to make the bomb threat and taunting type of call came from Branford, Connecticut. Other Walmart stores across the U.S. received calls from the same phone number on the same date as the Lampasas Walmart bomb threat.

Special agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted interviews of possible suspects and discovered at least two teenagers between the ages of 16 and 17-years-old were responsible for making the bomb threat at the Lampasas Walmart and the phone call next day.

The State of Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice and the Juvenile Justice, among others have been connected in regard to pursuing charges against the two teens. The Lampasas Walmart lost nearly $11,000 in connection to the bomb threat.

In a statement, Assistant Police Chief Sammy Bailey gives credit to the Walmart call taker.

“His actions in remaining calm, gathering as much information as he could about the call, and collecting the phone numbers greatly assisted in being able to track down the persons responsible,” said Bailey in a statement.

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